Authentic Baltimore Memorial Stadium Seat, Wooden Grey

Memorial Stadium Baltimore Seats
Authentic game–used seats with COA from the Babe Ruth Museum.

Double seats are $449  and must be shipped freight or picked up in Vineland, NJ. Only single Memorial stadium seats can be shipped traditionally, via FedEX. Contact us to arrange shipping for doubles or longer rows.

As shown on the left they come with Brackets attached to our black Wood Feet stabilizers. Each seat comes with a Certificate of Authenticity printed by the Babe Ruth Museum (Archer Seating is a proud sponsor!)

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Spectrum Seats

Spectrum seat singles and doubles available. Singles are $299 and doubles $399. Call to arrange payment and shipping. Like all our seats, if you’re in the NJ area, these can be picked up.

Custom Seat Orders Available

Archer Seating offers custom special orders with special number tags and configurations. For example, the photo displayed to the left is a custom order of a double Veterans Stadium seat with custom number tags. For more information, please call 856-692-0242 or e-mail