Authentic game–used seats, shipped to your home

Memorial Stadium BaltimoreBaltimore Memorial Stadium was one of Archer Seating’s earliest large–scale stadium seat removal and distribution projects.  Working with the Babe Ruth Museum and the Maryland Sports Authority, Archer Seating also helped organize the auction where fans could buy their seats at the stadium, as well as the chair–stand brackets for their seats. We also set up a table to attach them to the seat for fans as they exited the field. Months prior to the auction we (very carefully) removed all the wood seats and left as many as possible assembled in short rows so that customers could put them in their vehicles. The remaining seats that were not sold—and still in good condition—were transported back to our location in New Jersey, where we’ve stored them indoors.

Single Baltimore Memorial Seat

baltimore memorial metal single seatThe single best thing about Memorial Stadium? The fans who sat in these seats! Make sure you grab your favorite player’s number (we’re almost out of 8’s, and if you don’t know whose number that is, shame on you!). Make sure you just attach a note to your order or email us if you want a special number; we’ll do our best to find it. The seat will arrive fully assembled. All you need to do is attach the Wood Feet, which we provide the screws for and all you’ll need is a screwdriver. Order today and they will ship tomorrow (or the next business day). FedEX usually delivers on Saturday so you’ll have your collectible seat as soon as humanely possible!


Double Baltimore Memorial Seat

Authentic Baltimore Memorial Stadium Seat, Wooden Grey Twice the history?! Although doubles are tougher to ship, they do arrive fully assembled and ready for use. You can pick out two consecutive numbers or two random numbers (birthdays and favorite players are popular). Quantities of certain numbers are limited. Like the seats there’s a finite amount of the available numbers left. We inspect every board and leg–standard to make sure there’s no problems with the seat.

Enlarge the photo to see details of the condition of the seat. They’ll be in working condition, but these are antiques, so we don’t recommend heavy usage or to have rowdy sports fans jumping at every foul–ball!

To ship a double seat traditionally (FedEX/UPS) is too risky with the amount of tumbling and tossing these boxes sometimes undergo. A broken seat is irreplaceable so we shy away from doubles for that reason. However, they can be shipped right to your door using a large pallet–sized box. The shipping cost for this (to the continental 48) is $300. This guarantees the chair will not be damaged during shipment.

As we’re sports memorabilia collectors ourselves, we will not ship a double Memorial Stadium seat unless it is done using this method, since a broken chair would be impossible to fix.

If you have any questions on this, please give us a call. You’ll get either Ben or Steve Archer on the phone, and either of us will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have. If you were at the auction and haven’t gotten your stands yet, we can send those out same–day. ($25 a piece plus FedEX).


As these are antiques, they’re going to look like it …but that’s the best part!). Actually “antiqueing” our new seats is harder than you think.