Archer Stadium Seating has a special floor stand kit for any seats that people buy from the Cole Field House. We have gotten to know all these seats over the years, having handled identical seats from
Memorial Stadium in Baltimore back in 1999 and similar seats all over the country.
Email or call us up if you have any questions: 856.692.0242.

These will ship within two business days of your order (usually one). For expedited, international or bulk shipping options, please call. Returns cannot be accepted if you order the wrong kit due to the cost. Please make sure you are ordering the right kit. If you have any doubts, call or email us first.

If you have stadium seats from the Cole Field House that have floor mounts (like the one pictured above) then you will need to purchase the THREE Cole Field House Black Finish Wooden Feet for Floor Mount Seats. These are predrilled and ready to stabilize your seats.

If you have never heard of Archer Seating before, you can explore the site and see that we’ve developed stands to fit any stadium nationally. We’ve personally helped many teams and cities with properly removing and distributing stadium seats for fans. You can also take a look at a few of these stadium jobs to seat other seats and styles.

All brackets are first e–coated, then powder–coated. There are no sharp edges. Appropriate hardware is included with easy instructions. They are very sturdy and made to fit your chair. The brackets and wood feet were developed by local businesses here in New Jersey. You can learn more about the two styles below.

These brackets will never tip backwards. We have been making them for 20 years in the same style, over 500,000 made and counting. By the geometry of the seat you don’t need any material to support in the rear because your weight is all cantilevered off the front.

Note: Wood feet under brackets are not needed for normal use. They do make the seats look fancier from an aesthetic point of view and they are a few inches longer in the front which is good for commercial applications (or if you might anticipate rowdy sports fans jumping on your seats!) The VIKING bracket’s wood feet are simply a style choice, or an option to create a surface between the metal bracket and your flooring. Both styles are completely stable. Wood Feet are not suitable for outdoor use where they will be exposed to rain.