In the 1980s a friend of ours named Mike Seitz invented some feet for stadium seats he sold from Ebbets Field. In 1995, Archer Seating started making another version which was improved in the areas of rigidity, ability for stadiums to use themselves, universal fit to various seats and ability to mass produce in huge quantities.

We still make the same type of bracket (stand) to give feet to stadium seats that otherwise would not stand up on the floor. In the meantime, other people have copied our design, and tried to add un-needed “extras” but rest assured when you purchase from Archer Seating you are getting your product from the original supplier.

We have feet brackets for seats from every stadium you can imagine. Click here for a list of some of the stadiums we have supplied in the last 20 years!


Feet for Stadium Seats (aka Brackets, Floor Stands, Chair Stands and Floor Mounting Stands) are an excellent way to make free-standing seats out of “riser–mount” chairs (chairs that mounted to the rise of the step in the stadium). These aren’t just for display – they will provide a safe and sturdy base to give your chair regular use. Some basic info about them:

-E–Coated, then Powder–coated. Solid construction with no sharp edges.
-No need to attach to floor, stands alone, gives your chair full usage.
-Have holes to secure to floor if desired
-There are 4 basic types, detailed below.
-Includes all necessary nuts, bolts, and assembly tips (very easy).

We’ve had the pleasure of working with friends in local businesses over the years by having our Brackets, hardware, and even the boxes they’re shipped in made right here in New Jersey.


We only offer certain stadiums’ brackets for online order currently.
Online ordering generally not feasible due to seat leg variations which we must briefly discuss by phone.

I received the stadium seat brackets, wooden feet, and hardware yesterday. Everything is in great shape and excellent quality. I appreciate the fast shipping too!

If I know anyone that needs stadium seat feet, I will certainly point them in your direction.

Thanks again,Bruce M.

An easy way for us to identify what bracket you need is to just email us a photo showing the leg. See the photos on this page as an example. Email us at You can also just call us up at 856.692.0242


When you’re ready to order, give us a call or email so we can confirm your bracket needs at 856-692-0242. Make sure your picture shows the necessary details, like the ones on this page. We’ll then be able to call you with the photos of your chair on hand.

Most orders can be shipped the day of, or the following business day…and generally take 1-2 days to ship.

The Presidential combo (call to order)

The Presidential is a package deal that includes both the bracket and the black stained wood foot, as well as pre–drilled holes with hardware and optional felt—tips.
Note: Wood feet under the brackets are not needed for normal use. They do make the seats look fancier from an aesthetic point of view and they are a few inches longer in the front which is good for commercial applications or if you might anticipate rowdy sports fans jumping on your seats!

Chair Stands / Brackets

Astrodome Brackets

Astrodome Brackets

Bojangles’ Coliseum Brackets

Coors Brackets

Durham Bulls Brackets

Metrodome Brackets

Riverfront Stadium / Cinergy Field Brackets

Silverdome Brackets