The Seat Doctor – Bob Ralph

Antique stadium seats can be found littering attics, closets, basement and garage junk piles across the US. These long-forgotten relics of sports history were most likely abandoned in frustration, during attempts to restore them to their former splendor.

Today, these seats are being treated under the care and expertise of our long-time partner, Bob Ralph, alias “The Seat Doctor.”


Shown below is the restoration of a row of four Shibe Park (aka Connie Mack Stadium) Philadelphia seats.

“We took four in a row, ratty, and at customer request made a double red and a single green. All authentic ballpark color match, and number font matches.”




The customer decided to have a double green chair and a single red made out of the quad.

Who is Bob Ralph?
Bob Ralph has a diversified memorabilia collection that includes over 200 chairs from 30 U.S. ballparks that have been demolished, including Veterans Stadium and Connie Mack Stadium.

A rabid baseball fan since he was 12, The Seat Doctor is a collector of all sorts of artifacts. Cards, thousands of them. Scorecards and yearbooks from all time periods. Newspapers from the Dodgers’ 1955 World Series triumph, etc.

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