Interior Design, Advertising, and Set Design

Attention interior designers, advertisers, and set designers! Archer Seating is here to help you with your next project or design. We have great experience over the years working with designers and their projects for various companies, including Hulu, John Deere, NFL, Fox Sports, Ticketmaster, Ford Motor Co., and many more. Over the years, we have shipped custom seats worldwide to businesses and designers in areas like Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, and Egypt. So, whether you’re a company, advertiser, or an interior designer looking to buy or rent the perfect seats for your project, we can help you! To get started, give us a call at 856-692-0242.

Prior Projects

We have also worked on various other projects that we didn’t list in the gallery (below):

Ford Motor Company – Detroit, MI
John Deere – Greenville, TN
Ticketmaster Chicago
Stub Hub – San Francisco, CA
Tommy Hilfiger – NYC
Movie Men in Black III
Movie 42
Bones TV show
SEC TV show
Fox Sports Los Angeles
Man Caves TV show
Spiderman movie
Cohen Brothers movies
Chicago bus stop near Wrigley Field, Miller Beer
Zaxby’s Restaurants nationwide
…and many, many restaurants, taverns, barber shops and retail stores across the nation.