Shea Stadium Seat Removal

The removal of seats from Shea Stadium, former home of the New York Mets, was no small task. Within two weeks however, every seat in the stadium was carefully removed and whisked away to be inspected, repaired, boxed and distributed to fans around the globe.

FLUSHING — The New York Mets and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that the sale of Shea Stadium seat pairs will begin Monday, Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. exclusively online at Fans and collectors worldwide will be able to purchase orange, blue, green, and red seats for $869 per pair. The limited inventory of seats will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Each seat pair will be authenticated by Major League Baseball’s Authentication Program and affixed with a tamper-proof hologram displaying a unique identification number.

Texas Stadium (Dallas Cowboys) Seat Removal

Archer Seating worked with the Dallas Cowboys in 2008 to organize the removal of several thousand seats for fans. We also removed all the logo aisle–end seats which fans were able to pre–order. As we removed the logo seats ourselves, we’re the only source of Texas Stadium aisle–end figural logo seats.

Tiger Stadium Seat Removal

Archer Seating spent 4 years working with the City of Detroit explaining and outlining the benefits of saving the seats properly , as well as working out the details to keep the project effortless for the City. The people of Detroit can be proud of Mr. Fred Rottach, City Property Manager, who did an excellent job, making many difficult decisions regarding the old ballpark.

Archer Seating removed seats from Tiger Stadium in 2007, having been installed in 1977.

Detroit Tiger Den Logo stadium seat

Fenway Park Seat Removal

Archer Seating had the pleasure of working with the Boston Red Sox, removing seats to allow renovations—a project that would span half a decade.

The great thing about Fenway is that, for all the renovations they’ve made, it still looks and feels like the same old ballpark. It’s staggering to see a photo from the sixties or seventies, because if you hadn’t you’d never guess how much it’s changed. Must have something to do with that green paint—they must have a massive stockpile of it stored up from the ’40s!

It’s hard to imagine all the people who have sat there over the past 80 years, watching Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, Yaz…and that’s part of the magic of Fenway.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Seat Removal

In November 2009, Archer Seating carefully removed several thousand stadium seats from Oriole Park at Camden Yards. They’re now available in bulk and as collectibles!

The allure of these seats isn’t limited to collectors! In large quantities (rows of 10+) Camden Yards seats incur our bulk pricing rates, which aren’t influenced by their collectible value. Give these seats your own history within your new home theater, high-school dug-out, premiere seating area where bleachers once were, auction house, barber shop.

While these seats are reminiscent of turn-of the century ballpark seating, their superior design appeals to plans for long-term, attractive seating…indoor or outdoor.

Giants Stadium Seat Removal

The Giants Stadium seat removal job took place in 2008.

Giants Stadium Burgundy Floor–Mount Double with BWF
Giants Stadium Riser–Mount Double


Giants Stadium pennant

RFK Stadium Seat Removal

Archer Seating’s orange seats were removed from RFK Stadium in 2005, prior to the Nationals season. These seats were installed in 1961 and saw 36 Redskins NFL seasons, and 8 Senator MLB seasons.

For more on RFK, visit our history page.

Orange RFK Stadium middle slat board
RFK STADIA Office Chair
RFK Single stadium seat
Refurbished RFK Single Stadium Seat

Veterans Stadium Seat Removal

In 2003 Archer Seating carefully removed over 55,000 stadium seats from Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.