What Is Your Return Policy?

We do not offer refunds. All sales must be final due to the nature of the products and the cost of shipping. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the product before purchasing. Many of our seats are used stadium seats that have been removed from other stadiums. Given the used nature of the products, seats may have some color fade, scratches, dust, rust, chewing gum under the seat, etc. Seats described as “as-is” condition means they are in the condition that we removed them from the original stadium. If you require additional reconditioning/restoration/refurbishment, please discuss with us prior to placing your order. It is highly recommended that you email or call us prior to ordering, especially on projects where fit, size, condition and function are important.

Can I Actually Sit in My Collectible Stadium Seats?

You might have guessed that the modern plastic seats—and other chairs sold in bulk—are meant for regular use, as they’re built to stand the trails of heavy use within stadiums. We’re often asked if you can use your collectible seats without worry. And in short, the answer is…yes! With collectible antique wood seats there are a few things to consider, however…Even our collectible antique wood seat styles are perfectly fine for regular use. However they’re not a good option for regular outdoor use, as the wood will eventually rot. Any seat sold will be in solid condition, with good parts and fit for regular applications. We’d advise against letting children jump or stand on your seats, however, primarily for safety concerns—but also because the cast–iron legs can break with enough sudden force. This is why we don’t ship Baltimore Memorial Seats in doubles via UPS or FedEX ground; the risk for breakage from tumbling or dropped boxes is higher than the new style plastic chairs.

Can I Pick Up My Seats At Your Location

Yes. If you’re in the South Jersey area we can arrange a time to meet you at one of our warehouses. There’s a few advantages to picking up your seats in person:

  • You save on shipping, and depending on the size of the vehicle you’re picking it up in, you can save on having to assemble the rest of the seat (if you purchased more than a single chair).
  • If there’s a number of seats available for the type you’re purchasing, you may often be able to look thruogh and pick out one you like. This must be discussed first.
  • This greatly reduces the chances that your seat will somehow break in transit. While we have very few breaks, they can still happen, and it’s a shame to see a seat go that way!
  • You can take a look around our warehouses, and if there’s time, get a little tour to see the seats we have from many great stadiums in our nations history.
  • Pick–ups must be scheduled. Call 856-692-0242 or email archerseating@comcast.net.

Make sure you determine if the seat you’re picking up will fit in your vehicle. Please contact us for dimensions to ensure it’s not a wasted trip!

I Have A Seat Already, But Need Parts. Do You Sell Parts?

Yes, we sell individual parts, down to nuts and bolts. We can match just about any style—or come very close—and help determine what type of brackets you need. We also might be able to give you a little more info about your seats. We’re often surprised to find the lack of info customers are given when they purchase their seats from other sources, so please don’t hesitate to ask. We also have many options when it comes to restoring old or damaged seats, and the expertise of our own Seat Doctor at hand. You can take a look at some of the photos customers have submitted (or share your own!), to get an idea.

Do You Have That Seat In A Different Color/Number/Style For the Same Price?

Unless you’re talking about a particularly rare style, number tag, or Collectible Seat type, then yes; we almost always have a wide variety of colors and styles of plastic, as well as for the legs. You can view examples of this variety on our plastic seats page. These examples don’t nearly suggest our entire inventory, so please call or email and we’ll be able to narrow down exactly what you need!

What Are The Shipping Methods For Stadium Seats?

Shipping Policy
We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. Please call or email us to address specific topics (856.692.0242, archerseating@comcast.net)

Shipping Methods
We provide a wide selection of delivery options that let you choose how quickly you want to receive your order and how or if you want to pay shipping. Smaller packages are usually shipped FedEX. For larger orders (truckload, LTL) call to receive a shipping quote.

The seat is heavy, and shipped in our protective boxes which we’ve used to successfully ship out thousands of our various stadium seats for over 20 years. The large dimensions of the seats will typically give them a higher dimensional weight than their actual weight.

If you provided a good email address with your order, you’ll automatically receive tracking updates. If you forgot to add it, just call or email and we’ll make sure you’re notified.

If an item has ‘free shipping’ specified, it will default to FedEX Home Delivery or FedEX Ground.  Note:  You may be able to select faster shipping, but if it’s free, we ship by the default method; if you’d like a faster service,  just follow up with us and we’ll send you an invoice for the additional shipping cost.

We can ship it internationally; we’ve handled many international orders for sports fans all over—please just call or email so we can work out the details

For larger orders, or seats that cannot be disassembled or risked in a FedEX Box, we ship them in a large box “LTL”, or by truck. If you’re not a business, and don’t have a loading dock or forklift at your location, we can ship the box to your local terminal, where you can pick it up, hassle free. Lift–gate trucks can also be used—usually for an extra fee—to deliver the seat right to your door, if you’re looking to avoid driving to the local terminal.

If you’d like to arrange other shipping methods, such as using UPS, or your own account numbers/delivery trucks, we’re more than happy to work with you; just give us a call: 856.692.0242 or email: archerseating@comcast.net.
If you’re purchasing these as gifts, we can ship them where you like; additionally, we include a gift message or leave the receipt out of the box. Gift wrapping on large stadium seats is unfortunately unavailable!

Shipping costs depend on the options you choose, the size and weight of the item, and where the order is going. If you want to know how the specific shipping cost was determined, or for a shipping quote, please call or email. Shipping is calculated on checkout.

When we ship
When you place an order, we can estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose. Orders are generally shipped within two days (after payment is received), depending on the size of the project and the work involved in completion.

If you added your email to the order, you’ll automatically receive tracking updates. Let us know if you forgot!

If you have any concerns regarding our shipping policy, you should contact us immediately via telephone at 856-692-0242.

What's the Best Way to Purchase Multiple Seats in an Order?

For multiple orders of larger/heavier items, it’s very likely we’ll be able to combine them into a single shipment, and to be fair to our customers we encourage you to please call, contact, comment or email! us (archerseating@comcast.net) so that we can find the best available rate for you.

When it comes to single orders of seats, you can be sure that you’re getting the best shipping price available, but with larger orders, it often pays to give us a call. Either way, if we see you ordering several large items, we’ll check with you and let you know about the ways we can help you save on larger shipments.

Can I Put A Deposit Down to Put A Seat on Hold?

Yes. We’ve had many customers do this when they thought an idea for a gift—say for a birthday—that they wouldn’t need right away. We’ll assemble it and put it aside. Depending on the seat, deposits are generally $50 to $100.

Do Those Stands in the Picture Come With My Seats?

Brackets are included in any order for a riser–mount seat, unless you specifically tell us that you’d like to mount them to something yourself (which we are rarely ever told). If you decide for whatever reason that you don’t want the brackets, we’ll deduct the cost from the price of the seat (as it is factored in). Wooden Feet are included, unless otherwise specified, with floor–mount seats. Check the product description to be sure, or contact us if you have any questions.

At What Point Do I Receive Bulk Prices On Seats?

It is typically when you’re purchasing at least one row of ten seats. The reason we say row of ten is because smaller rows use more legs, which increase the cost of the project. For example, five double seats (two connected chairs) would give you ten total seats, but use fifteen legs instead of the eleven  legs you would need for a row of ten. Most of the value of the seat is in the legs. Almost all of our stadium seats and turnstiles incur bulk prices, but there is no set number as it depends mainly on the value and rarity of the seat. If you’d like to get a quote for some of our modern plastic seats, please contact us. We’ll help you figure out the best seats for your project, as well as provide same–day shipping and billing quotes. Please give us a call (856.692.0242) or contact us (archerseating@comcast.net).

Will the seats with chair stands tip over?

Our stands will never tip backward. We have been making them for 20 years in the same style, over 500,000 made and counting. By the geometry of the seat you don’t need any material to support in the rear because your weight is all cantilevered off the front.” Our brackets have been purchased and utilized by major sports arenas and facilities worldwide. These also include stadium removal jobs where we distribute them to fans for the city or team, using our brackets. Memorial Stadium, Veteran’s, Shea, Spectrum, Fenway, Tiger, Texas Stadium and many others. All seats from these stadiums used our Brackets.