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Astrodome Seat Chair Stands

Floor Mounting Stands and Brackets for Houston Astrodome seats

Astrodome seats with Archer's chair stands aka Brackets

Please Note: Orders placed today will be shipped in mid-July due to extreme volume demand. Sorry for the delay; we know everybody is anxious to get the proper and correct chair stands at fair prices.

Archer Stadium Seating was asked by the Astrodome to help people get chair stands (aka Floor Mounting Chair Stands and Brackets) for the seats they buy. We also helped Madison Square Garden and the Philly Spectrum on their projects with similar seats.

We have the special chair stands needed to make the Astrodome seats stand up for home or commercial use. No other accessories needed. There are holes in the bottom in case you want to secure to a surface. We have been making this type since 1995.

I wanted to say how much I love the seat brackets I got from you guys for my Astrodome seats – they are perfect! Easy to install, and very stable and sturdy!
–Greg F., TX

The best way to protect wood floors are the furniture felt stick-ons..By the way, we use them ourselves on the stadium seats around our dining room table at home. (We know we are eccentric but it is cool!)

There's 3 styles of Astrodome brackets, depending on your legs. This is the Original , with wooden feet stabilizers.
There are three different types of floor stands you will need for your seats.

Due to demand for seats and the need for Astrodome to remove different types of seats we have had to add two different types of kits which cost more than the “Original” version. Our apologies.

Apollo and Mercury both use our original basic steel brackets and poplar wood painted black. Apollo and Mercury are available in limited quantities due to Astrodome project coming up at the last minute and not knowing how many seats would be sold.

Note: Wood feet under brackets are not needed for normal use. They do make the seats look fancier from an aesthetic point of view and they are a few inches longer in the front which is good for commercial applications or if you might anticipate rowdy sports fans jumping on your seats! Wood Feet are not suitable for outdoor use where they will be exposed to rain.

Shipping via FedEX Ground/Home Delivery is included. If you want faster shipping you may select it at checkout, but we’ll have to invoice you for the additional shipping costs.

Please make sure you order the right kit as returns cannot be accepted due to cost. Call or email us if you have any doubts.

Choose a kit based on the type of legs your seat has:

Original Astrodome Bracket Chair Stands Kit

THREE Original Kit Astrodome Floor Stands w/bolts, washers and spacers $95 (includes FedEx shipping)

Original Astrodome Chair Stand kit with Black Wood Seat Feet

THREE Original Kit Astrodome Floor Stands w/ our black Wood Feet $148 (includes FedEx shipping)

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Apollo Bracket kit without Wood

THREE Apollo Without Wood Astrodome Floor Stands w/ nuts and bolts. $95 (Includes FedEX Shipping)

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The Apollo Bracket Kit

THREE Apollo Astrodome Floor Stands w/ nuts and bolts. $148 (includes FedEx shipping)

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Mercury Chair Stands without wood

THREE Mercury Without Wood Astrodome Floor Stands w/bolts, washers and spacers $95 (Includes FedEX Shipping)

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The Mercury Bracket Kit

THREE Mercury Astrodome Floor Stands w/bolts, washers and spacers. $148 (includes FedEx shipping)

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THREE Mercury Reverse Astrodome Floor Stands w/bolts, washers and spacers. $148 (includes FedEx shipping)

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You can purchase the brackets in the online store below:

We are quite pleased with the product and wanted to let you know. Regards, Jim
–James M., TX